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Poster: kitsunebi77 Date: Jan 26, 2019 5:49am
Forum: opensource Subject: When are page views counted?

I've not been at this long, so I'm curious. I know some of my files have been viewed (one has even been "favorited") but all of my uploads to Community Texts still show zero views. Some are as old as 8 days, so I'm guessing views are compiled at the end of a month or something? Can anyone confirm?

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Poster: kitsunebi77 Date: Jan 28, 2019 1:43am
Forum: opensource Subject: Re: When are page views counted?

Everything is still at "0 views" despite the fact that I know for a fact that some of the pages have been viewed and files downloaded. Is the view counter broken, or is it only tabulated on a monthly basis? Surely someone must know?